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Hide your images in plain sight

Scrambly shuffles every pixel in your image so that it is unrecognizable and unrecoverable without your private password. Allowing you to save and share your photos privately.

Choose file to scramble or unscramble

Scrambling an image

1. Upload the image you want to scramble
Choose the image that you want to scramble. Most image types are accepted.
2. Choose an unscramble password
This is the password that you will need to use to restore your image to it's normal state.
3. Click 'Scramble Image'
When you click 'Scramble Image' your image will be securely scrambled and downloaded automatically.

Unscrambling an image

1. Upload the image you want to unscramble
Choose the scrambled image that you want to unscramble.
2. Enter your unscramble password
Enter the password that was used to scramble your image. If your password is incorrect it will not work.
3. Click 'Unscramble Image'
When you click 'Unscramble Image' your image will be securely unscrambled and downloaded automatically.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
When you scramble an image with Scrambly your image is disected pixel by pixel and shuffled in a randomized but predictable way, allowing you to reverse the process but preventing people without your password from unscrambling your image.
Is it really private?
As with everything in security, if someone has access to your image and are sufficiently determined, they theoretically could reveal your image eventually. However, Scrambly's algorithm should realistically prevent anyone from viewing your image without your password.
How do I know you're not secretly looking at my pictures?
Privacy is an important with Scrambly. To ensure your privacy your images never leave your browser, meaning it never hits our servers and is not visible to us at any point. As an added layer of transparency, all of Scrambly's code is open source here.